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UHMWPE Idler Roller
UHMWPE Idler Roller

Product Introduction

UHMWPE idler roller is a new generation roller product developed by our company, which is composed of roller cover, bearing, seal assembly and shaft. The unique sealing technology of this product completely isolated the contact between the bearing and the outside world to prevent the bearing from contamination. Each roller is made of superior materials to ensure the quality of the products.

Product Components

1.The UHMWPE idler roller tube is extruded with pure ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene material, with a molecular weight of over 3.5 million and excellent performance of self-lubrication, wear resistance and aging resistance.

2.The bearings are made by HRB, LYC, SKF, NSK and other well-known domestic and overseas bearing manufacturers to ensure the service life.

3.The sealing parts are made of high-strength materials by injection molding and can withstand various severe working conditions.

UHMWPE idler roller can prolong the equipment service life, save energy source and improve working environment effectively. It has been widely used in the transport system of coal, cement, steel, electric power, chemical, coking and other industries. It is an ideal replacement product for steel roller of belt transport machinery.

Product Advantages

1. Long service life -- over 5 times service life than steel roller.

2. Protection of belt--the UHMWPE idler roller has smooth surface, nonmagnetic, and does not absorb iron powder, dust and various viscous substances. Extremely low friction coefficient with belt, self-lubrication, these advantages can effectively protect the belt, prolong the service life by 20%.

3.Light weight -- The UHMWPE idler roller weight is only one third of the steel roller and one fifth of the ceramic roller, which is convenient for construction and installation and has a good effect of power saving.

4.Labyrinth design--special labyrinth seal design, effective protection of bearing, once installation, lifetime maintenance-free.

5.Low noise-- only half of the noise of steel roller, effectively improved the working environment.

6.Special working conditions -- adapt to acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosive working conditions.

7.Excellent cost performance -- the price is slightly higher than that of steel idlers, which can bring huge cost savings to customers in the service life.

8.Material advantages: the overall material has excellent toughness, which can well absorb vibration, protect the bearing and extend the service life.

9.Ensure production safety -- effectively avoid production accidents that may easily cause belt tearing when steel idler roller skin is damaged; and avoid the friction between the steel roller and the belt when it does not rotate, which is easy to cause fire hazard.

Product Specifications

1.Diameter range: (Φ89/102/108/114/127/133/140/152/159/165/178/194/219)

Length range: (190mm-3500mm)

National and non-standard idlers

2.Types of Rollers: trough type roller, lower flat roller, impact roller, the upper roller friction, the friction reduction roller,conical core up-regulating idler,tapered down roller.

3. Applied in Special working conditions: non-magnetic roller, double anti roller.

Product Advantage

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